President's Message..

Branding is more important than Price

Are you ready for your customers' demands? It is extremely important for you and your whole team to be prepared. This includes your distributors, manufacturers, subs and sales personnel. Everyone should understand the value of your brand. If you are a pool builder, remember each pool represents you, your brand and your work. Make sure you reinforce this to all the people on your team.

Meet your customer’s expectations during the buying process. Some may want a smooth easy process while others prefer an educational and more detailed process. Be reliable, your customer will prefer to work with a reliable professional than going with the lowest price. Like the old saying goes "You get what you pay for" and customers will remember this. Service quality and reliability is essential to create a positive relationship with your customer and your team. Think of it this way, when you see a brand logo, what is the first thing that comes to mind? How significant is this business to others? You want people to see your brand as a beneficial factor for all involved; good service to the customer and a positive outcome for your whole team. In other words, you want to offer quality, satisfaction, a sense of what your brand is and the value you provide to reach the customers’ expectations.

Make sure everyone on your team is reaching the highest level of quality in their work. Remember, there are three different stages; good, better and best. Always aim at being the best because at the end of the day, it is your business and your reputation. Brands that consistently target positively towards the customers’ demands, will build a strong reputation. Quality is constantly better than quantity. You want to offer the finest products, work and services. Make sure you sell the quality of your brand equally to each person. If you sell low quality products or do a somewhat okay job, you are setting yourself up for being an average brand. Go beyond that. You want to exceed expectations and you want your employers, manufacturers and the rest of your team to be on the same page with you. Take responsibility for every aspect between you and the customer. From the moment of your first interaction, make sure you put all of their needs first. Be proactive and solve any problems along the way. It is important to think ahead to what can go wrong and if this is the best product or service, you can offer to a customer. Can you offer more? Are you unsure with a specific product or idea? What can you do to avoid these issues and offer a better outcome? Strategize as much as possible.

Change is constant in this world and in this industry. You want to be innovative but at the same time, you want to meet your customer's needs. This is important for your brand. Sell your brand by being the best you can be. Price does not matter; what's more important is your reputation. When it comes down to it, your relationship, service and cooperation is what matters. This will help shape your brand and get your name out there. The customers demand will always be important but so will the work of yourself and your team.