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Selling 12 Volt LED Landscape Lighting as a: “Package Deal” to the end consumer

Today many pool professionals working in residential backyards have the privilege to offer many options to their customer base. So where does a pool professional start, and what are some of the choices they have to present, when business is slow during a particular season? LED Outdoor landscape lighting is the answer. LED technology is a popular trend in the landscaping market and you do not want to miss out on this growing industry.

But why would a pool builder and/or a service -repair professional want to get involved in offering Landscape Lighting to his or her customer base? Firstly, a pool professional is probably doing work in the backyard of a residence. You already have the perfect opportunity to supplement your business with additional profits while adding:

3.Safe Passage

Simply communicating to your customer base that you are capable of installing landscape lighting is a huge plus. For example: pointing out dark areas that may be a hazard at night, spotting aged fixtures that need replacing or stressing the importance of replacing an existing system with LED light bulbs to be more energy efficient; there are always opportunities to up sell!  Homeowners may or may not be interested right away, but given your proven track record of successfully giving superior service, they will value you as a respected resource for future installs and remodels.

Now you might ask, can my customer even afford landscape lighting? Will they spend the money for a high end product or will they settle for a medium ranged product that fits their budget?

The key is to have options for your customer base. In other words, offering package deals, tiers composed of the type of fixtures your company can offer as a benefit to the homeowner. Tier 1 would consist of precious metals such as brass (Gun Metal and Antique Bronze Finishes), raw copper and stainless steel fixtures, depending on your customer’s taste and/or architectural style of their house. These materials carry a “LIFETIME WARRANTY” and can be a huge selling point by explaining the durability and lasting effect of the craftsmanship of the materials.

If your customer cannot afford these precious metals, tier 2 or 3 can consist of composite (fiberglass) fixtures or cast aluminum fixtures. These fixtures are of a lower cost and a more affordable option. The goal is to give your customer base options so you can sell them on any tier. This will ensure you are making a profit and removing the thought from the homeowner to go and purchase low quality lights from big box retailers.

Now is the time to stand out from your competition. Remember, if you aren’t doing it, there is always someone else out there gaining a competitive advantage. The ultimate goal is to be a one stop shop for the homeowner and leave the homeowner in awe, giving them what they want. That is creating a luxurious safe environment in their backyard resort.

Ryan Yamini
Corona Lighting Factory Representative