President's Message..

Good, Better or Best?

When given the option I am sure you would always choose to be the best, but which one are you?  Are you the best in your trade?  No matter what you do, are you the best at it? If not, why not?  What are you doing that makes you the best?  We all want success but very few people actually accomplish their dreams.  In my years in business I have learned that striving to be the best at whatever you do will lead you to success.

Setting goals is very important, but just like the old saying goes; “Rome wasn’t built in a day.”  If you are currently servicing 50 pools it is not realistic to set a goal of 200 pools within the next couple months.  Set smaller, personal, and most importantly obtainable goals.  I would suggest that you start by reflecting on your performance.  If you're servicing 50 pools now, gaining 150 more isn’t going to make you better at what you do, however being the best will increase your job opportunities.  Instead of setting an unobtainable goal consider setting a goal that will improve your performance.  For example, "I will attend all the upcoming training classes so that I fully understand all the new pool technology."  This is an obtainable goal.  By doing this you will strengthen your job knowledge which will lead to more opportunities and happy customers.  When one goal is complete, move on to the next one until you truly are the best in your field.

In my experience and what I hear from successful business owners is that their main goal has always been to be the best.  A good friend of mine is a successful landscaper.  He loves what he does and aims at being the best landscaper in his area. His goals didn't include numbers or profit, his main goal is simple "be the best" and because of this not only is his business booming, most of that business comes from referrals.

So I want to challenge you. Visualize yourself as the best in your profession and set goals to help you get there, like the example above. Now this may sound easy to do but in fact it may be the hardest thing you do...start to love what you do.  Truly enjoy servicing, plumbing or designing pools.  Having the right attitude is key.  Start every day reminding yourself that you're in this business because you enjoy what you do.

"Our Mission is Your Success" is PEP's mission statement.  We have always believed that the most important aspect of our business is Customer Service.  Daily we aim at giving the best service to our customers by providing knowledge, stocking the products you need, and rushing those last minute orders when they come in. We all wish there was a simple formula for being successful but truthfully there isn't, otherwise we would all be successful.   The advice I'm providing is not proven, this is just what has worked for PEP. We aim at being the best distributor for our customers!