President's Message..


Get Ready

Visualize a successful future. In the pool business, just like in any business, you need to be in the vision business. You need to constantly think, dream and imagine the type of business you want to create, not just for today but for tomorrow. You must visualize yourself as a successful business owner before becoming one. Think positively, plan out your day, week or month, play by play. With a clear vision in place you will subconsciously do what's necessary to accomplish your dreams. Envision yourself as the best in your industry, the leader, the winning team.

To be successful, you must believe in yourself and your capabilities. Do not be discouraged when you fail, you need to keep going knowing that you have learned something from the setback and are more equipped to succeed because of it. Don't let your failures define you; let your vision be your guide. With a clear vision and hard work you will eventually get to where you want. It is okay to encourage yourself, remind yourself of your accomplishments and the positive outcomes. You will be satisfied that you have done good things in the past and reminded of the greatness that is possible in the future.

Your vision is your map to where you want to go. Don't take your first step, until you have visualized in your mind of how you will succeed. If you don't think you can achieve your goals and dreams, you most likely won't. When you are mapping your future, don't let obstacles stop you, you must plan to overcome them. There will be trials as you go but the important thing is to make sure your positive planning is prepared to overcome all possible setbacks.

Your map for the future, will develop into a business plan, it will include your goals for the month the year and on down the road. It will also help you avoid hurtles in the road. If you plan on getting a certain number of new accounts or pool builds put it down on paper, once in writing, that becomes your sales goal. Pin it to the wall make it a part of a daily routine to positively visualize succeeding. This will help you understand your business and make you hold yourself accountable. It will be your guide for checking your progress.  More importantly, planning is how you advance into future success.

To get to the future you envision, take stock of your current situation, your management activities are driving certain levels of performance and that performance is driving results for your current customers. Look around at your customers, right now you are performing to meet their current needs. As you move forward, think about how you can innovate to be prepared to meet your customers evolving needs and awaken the leader inside of you. Don't be afraid to go out into the industry and the world, dream out loud, make your dreams a reality. Your only limits are the limits of your imagination.