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Make Sure Everyone Knows...

As we approach year end, it's a good time to look inward and make changes. What improvements can you make in your company? We all know that without sales, there is no work. So an excellent thing to focus on would be improving your selling skills. Sales is when you make sure everyone knows how good you are. Here are a few tips to help get you started.

Like most skills, selling can be taught. With a little research, practice and networking you can strengthen your selling skills and customer service. Get to a point where you are comfortable with selling. A lot of sales is knowing your products. So become an expert in your field. Know your products well, so that you can offer the features and benefits as solutions to your customer’s problem. The customer will sense your profound knowledge, which will gain you their trust.

When talking to your customer, ask questions, get a full understanding of what is driving the purchase. If a problem, like a bad motor or constant algae, has created an opportunity then emphasize how your offering is the solution. It is also very important to learn to identify a serious buyer, someone who is likely to buy will ask a lot of questions.  They require more of your time, asking questions about pricing and delivery time. Open up your time to customers as needed. Even casual conversation can reveal opportunity to make a sale. Customers will talk about their needs and may mention their neighbors needs too. Offer them an extra business card to give to a friend. Study your customer, recognize their needs, goals and spending habits and it will pay off for you.

Once you obtain the sale, make sure to take care of your customers, this will help you create a positive standing. Build a relationship with your customers. Remember that when you are making a sale, you are selling yourself and your services first. You need to believe in yourself and your offerings. Be so positive, that your customers can sense a good outcome, and that you care for their best interest. Stay fresh in your customers mind, if you do monthly service, include a newsletter with safety tips or pool care tips along with your bill. Set some time aside for sales, if you don’t make a plan and take the time you won’t do it. Stay active and stay in contact.

The most important point is to focus on your customer. Put yourself in their shoes, and guide them through their own buying process. With complete knowledge and understanding of your customer, you will sell to their needs by solving their problem.