President's Message..

Focus on the good

As we approach year end, it is customary to evaluate our yearly performance. Not only financially but also knowledge development, improvements and accomplishments as a company. At the top of my list is the success of our customers, I hope that 2018 was a profitable year for you.

It’s important for me to stay up to date with our customers. This includes hearing the stories of what worked, what didn’t work and how PEP can help. In recent months a constant subject of conversation has been the price increases from our vendors. My advice is to review your list of pricing and update your cost of doing business. The rise in general price levels is expanding nationwide. Likewise, the demand for goods and services will always be evolving.

Over the past years, technology has escalated to new profound ideas. It has efficiently advanced science, engineering and businesses. With technology advancements, products are enhancing as well. It is important we update our knowledge on new technology with controls, pumps, heaters and lighting. Technology savvy customers will be doing research online. This may also mean they will be searching for online pricing, don’t let this scare you. This customer base understands price fluctuations are associated with obtaining the latest technology. We need to be prepared to provide clear answers when they inquire about new products.

We want to help by offering the newest, innovative products for our customers. The majority of these new products are being designed to work with smartphones and applications. Smartphones are being used to turn on/off pumps, to change colors of lighting and even to change the temperature of pool water. If a customer who has never used this type of technology needs help, we need to know how it operates and what products to offer when questions are asked. In addition, there are also new apps that help pool professionals head on. Many of these apps have access to calculators that help maintain appropriate chemical levels. Let’s get educated, learn about these new products and work hard to help our customers in the best way possible.

Price increases are a burden for all; vendors don’t want to implement them, distributors don’t like to announce them and pool professionals don’t like to deal with them. The fact is that price increases will always be a part of any industry that uses raw materials and commodity items. It’s my belief that we need to focus on new technology to be profitable. Let’s offer innovative leading products that will provide savings in energy, time and money for both consumers and pool professionals. According to popular economists, 2019 will be very productive for our industry. Let’s welcome the New Year prepared to overcome its challenges and gain from new opportunities!