PEP Tips...

Don't Forget to Make Modern Pools, Fun Pools

Modern Pool Design is gaining popularity across the country. With sleek, clean lines, it’s not always obvious how to create fun entertainment areas for swimmers without disrupting the modern aesthetic. However, by adding anchors strategically throughout the pool, builders can offer their customers multiple options for fun and interaction with friends, while maintaining a clean, modern look.

In-Pool Benches - Benches built into the shallow end can be fitted with three 6” in-floor bronze anchors in a triangular pattern for two removable swim up bar seats and table to be added during a party.  This area provides a shaded “conversation station” for the adults while the kids are splashing around. When the party is over just take them out!

Sun-Shelf - The sun shelf provides a shallow play space for small children and a relaxation area for adults. Add an anchor for a table/umbrella combination or try putting anchors at the sun-shelf edge to install a removable basketball game set.

Modern Paver Decks - The geometric lines of travertine paver decks are often used in modern pool design but those pavers can still be fitted with a basketball anchor set or a single volleyball anchor on the opposite side to create a “sports” pool. When the party is over, remove the game sets and replace the caps on the anchors to maintain the clean look of the deck.

Whether it is by adding conversation stations or sports games to your modern pool designs, don’t neglect to integrate “FUN” elements that offer additional profit potential