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Title 22 and Your Commercial Properties

Chapter 20 of the California Code of Regulations, Title 22, was amended to include new reporting and safety requirements for public swimming pool facilities. The specific amendment requires the unit to assist in “Record Keeping (§65523)”. In addition to requiring pH, free chlorine/bromine be recorded daily – now temperature, equipment readings, calibrations, and corrective actions taken, must also be recorded/logged daily and available on-site for 2 years.  .

The CAT5500-CALI by Hayward helps satisfy Title 22 requirements, it was designed to monitor, display, and record the following; pH, ORP, Temp., CI/Br, NaCl/TDS, feed times (corrective actions), and set points. The controller derives free chlorine readings from pH, ORP, temperature, and an operator programmed Cl Calibration. Hourly records of all variables are uploaded to Hayward’s Poolcomm website. This portal allows remote access to; logs, graphs, alarms, controller settings, and bi-directional control, from any internet connected device.


  • Fully assembled for quick install, 230/120Volt, 50/60Hz, 4Amp, – 6’ male power cord and two 1’ female power cords, and all pH and sanitizer peripherals.
  • Unit is pre-mounted on a PVC backboard with flow cell, flow sensor, and installation equipment.
  • The Menu driven keypad has intuitive programming options and a clear LED display.
  • pH, ORP, Cl/Br, Temp., NaCl, TDS, monitoring come Standard
  • Controller is equipped with 3 programmable inputs and 2 programmable relays - providing additional options; optical level sensors, flow meter, SVRS alarms, backup sanitizer control, temperature control.
  • WiFi/Cellular communications are standard, recording data and sending email/texts alarms through Poolcomm.

The CAT5500-CALI maintains water chemistry by making feed decisions minute-by-minute based on constant water sampling and controlling chemical feed equipment based on demand. This logic precisely balances chemistry, maintaining consistent and safe water.

For more information please contact Trevor Stift Hayward Commercial sales at 949-281-8925