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Seminars on Bidding & Installation for a Successful Landscape Lighting Job

For years PEP has offered landscape lighting classes. These classes proved to be very successful for both the professional installer, and the companies seeking to add this profitable side of the industry, to their business.

In every seminar we’ve conducted, the question we are always asked is, “How do I bid and price out a landscape lighting job?” Unfortunately,there is no quick and simple answer, since every job can be so different. But learning a few fundamentals will help you become successful in this field. In order to break things down, here are some very important things to keep in mind:

  1. The job walk: The first time you get to see the yard, what obstacles and challenges do you see, what problems can you identify?
  2.  Transformer Placement: What is the best location? How can you avoid problems like driveways, walls, hillsides etc. Your customer might want a ton of lighting done, however it won’t do them any good if you can’t place the transformer.
  3. Wire runs: How far can you run 12/2 wire before you start to lose voltage? When will you need to bump up your wire to 10/2 or 8/2? Recently, we worked with a pool builder that was doing a job in La Canada Flintridge, CA. His customer wasn’t sure exactly what they wanted. The job started out with only basic step lights. In the end the project used: up lights, path lights, flood lights, BBQ lights, plus a very good combination of rail lights.

One phrase we always stress in class is, “Know what is in your tool bag”. This means when you walk into a prospective customer’s yard, you should know exactly what fixtures and corresponding bulbs you will need to accomplish the job. By learning the techniques needed to enhance the beauty of the landscape; from accenting smaller plants and corners to highlighting the focal point; you will have the knowledge and understanding of what tools you need for the job.

The above are only a few of the topics we explore and discuss at our PEP lighting classes. If you want to know more, watch out for our upcoming classes. Along with the classes, we also offer lighting demonstrations at your customer's’ home.

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